Monday, September 1, 2014

Upgrade Your Resume: a Way to Your Dream Job #yay #updated

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Yow Pal,
currently I am making a resume template using the concepts of Space & Alignment, Golden Ratio and Typography. ( I learned the concepts from Maryland Institute College of Art.)

The benefits of using this Resume Template are:

  1. You can put more information/experiences/achievements in your two-pages Resume since your data are put more orderly, 
  2. Increasing the employer’s comfort in reading your resume because we are using golden ratio in making it. lol
  3. You look more professional and perhaps it can help you in getting your dream job.

Want to see the full PDF? Here's the link to download it: ( Trust me, it's safe! because we're using MediaFire)
The old resume
The new resume

Created with:
  • Passion (lol)
  • Adobe Creative Suite
If you are interested in having one, you can contact me through:
SMS/Whatsapp: +62859 3119 3093
(At this time I just can help one person due to other things that I need to do. It's FREE anyway) lol ^^

#update #resume #collection
1. The Authentic Straight Resume
Download The Full PDF Here

2. The Pro Black and Green Resume
Download The Full PDF Here



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